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All You Need To Know About Online Faxing


Gone are the days of using those large, outdated pieces of machinery that take up all of your office space. The 80’s are done and dusted. Welcome to the 21st century where almost everything can be done online. caters to the modern era by allowing you to send and receive faxes, all from the comfort of your own home or anywhere where you have access to the internet, through your PC, laptop or iPhone and Android devices. In just a few quick and easy steps, you can easily, affordably, reliably and quickly send and receive faxes in a mere matter of minutes. Steps so easy, even a millennial can quickly grasp and master the art of online faxing without needing a time machine or bugging any nearby baby-boomers.


Additionally, you can purchase your very own virtual fax number subscription which will enable you to easily send and receive faxes through your email address. No more paper cuts when you’re utilizing cutting-edge technologies.


The Fax-to-email service offers a free 7 day trial period so you can get a feel for its straightforward ease of use. This service will let you receive unlimited fax through your email as attachments and it will also allow you to send 90 free faxes per month. It only costs €9.00 per month and includes a €9.00, ‘Pay as You Go’ credit per month that allows you to send up to 90 FREE faxes per month! There is also a 20% discount if you buy it annually, making online faxing very affordable and very easily doable from wherever you are in the world.


To avail the free trial to take this amazing feature for a test-drive, please click on this link:


All of your faxing needs are covered through two easy-to-use and convenient payment options depending on your faxing requirements. To start with your account, you have to purchase pre-paid credits or pay for a one time fax.


One-time faxes cost the minimum quoted amount of just €3.99 and are a great option if you just want to send one quick fax on the go or don’t fax regularly in general.


However, if you are a regular and recurring faxer, then the ‘Pay as You Go’ option is perfect for you, which only costs €10 minimum, to top up your account which can be done here:


What is great about the ‘Pay as You Go’ option, is that you only pay for what the system quotes each time for a fax and there is no handling fee on topup, making this option a very useful money-saver as there are fewer costs for multiple faxes!


Additionally, your credit will only expire 12 months after your initial purchase, if your account remains unused.


Are you a developer? Expand and fine-tune your development by integrating the emerging convenience of online faxing into your own systems to further expand your businesses and services.’s API integration extends to the following:


– Fax API


Fax Send APP IOS


Have you ever wanted the convenience of sending a fax from your iPhone or Android smartphone and tablets whilst on the go? caters to the hustle and bustle of today’s modern lifestyle by allowing you to do just that! Whether you’re in a coffee-shop or at your child’s recital, your business and communication needs do not have to come to a grinding halt thanks to the ease of use of this handy app.


Too busy to format and edit your document before faxing it out? This nifty app will allow you to take a quick picture and it will clean the document for you! Effective and efficient time management just got a whole lot easier!


You can download the fax app in a matter of minutes


For iPhone:


For Android: